Areas of Practice


Economics and Enterprise Criminal Law

DEVITALAW deals with all types of criminal offences relating to the criminal law of business and economics, including:

  • Corporate crimes, accounting fraud, false corporate communications, corporate infidelity, insider dealing, insider trading
  • Bankruptcy crimes, ring-fencing, corporate vote trading
  • Unlicensed financial, banking and insurance practice
  • Unfaithful savings management
  • Bank fraud, fraudulent insolvency
  • Insurance fraud
  • Usury banking
  • Financial crimes
  • Money laundering, self-laundering, anti-money laundering
  • Anti-mafia preventive measures, confiscation
  • Workplace health and safety crimes
  • Illegal workforce recruitment, illicit brokering and fictitious intermediation
  • Tax crimes, tax fraud, false statements, false receipts and simulation of non-existent operations, tax evasion
  • Smuggling of contraband and customs crimes
  • Brand, patent, copyright, trade secret protection under criminal law