Areas of Practice


Public Administration and Security Criminal Law

DEVITALAW Firm deals with all criminal offences relating to the criminal law of the Public Administration and security, including:

  • Crimes against the public administration
  • Embezzlement, bribery, corruption, abuse of office, influence peddling
  • Misappropriation and embezzlement of state funds
  • Illegal subcontracting, illegal financing
  • Aggravated fraud for the achievement of public funds, fraud in public procurement
  • Dereliction of duty
  • Crimes against the administration of justice
  • Slander, perjury, aiding and abetting
  • Violence, threatening, resisting, outrage against a public officer
  • Weapon crimes
  • Revelation, disclosure, misuse of secret or confidential information
  • Public security, TULPS, police authorisation and licenses
  • Public order crimes
  • Public safety crimes
  • Crimes against the public faith and tampering of public records