Unimarconi, the first observatory related to generative artificial intelligence skills is born

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February 5, 2024 marked the beginning of the work of the “Generative Artificial Intelligence Learning and Innovation Hub” Observatory sponsored by Unimarconi, Italy’s first digital university.

The Observatory’s mission aims to play a key role in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Italy, focusing on an in-depth analysis of the scientific, economic, ethical, regulatory and educational implications related to this revolutionary technology.

The scope of the Observatory will focus primarily on Generative Artificial Intelligence and, in particular, on the Training of Skills necessary for its best application including through the use of this technology.

Authoritative representatives from the world of Education and Training, Research, Industry, Technology and other important sectors (Defense and Security, Legal, Communication, Sports, Third Sector) that can contribute to the ethical and sustainable development and application of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Italy have been called to join the Observatory.

The following experts, along with Director Luca Manuelli and the 3 representatives designated by Unimarconi Arturo Lavalle, Tommaso Saso and Ernesto De Luca, are part of the Observatory: Piero Azzalini of Fincantieri, Father Paolo Benanti, Marco Bentivogli, Stefano Besana of Deloitte, Stefano da Empoli of I-Com, Roberto De Vita of DEVITALAW, Roberto Fraccapani of SAP Italia, Giovanni Gambaro of RINA, Marco Gay of Digital Magics, Stefano Greco of CDP, Riccardo Meloni of Sport and Health, Alex Moscetta of the Community of Sant’Egidio, Dario Pagani of Eni, Ezia Palmeri of the Ministry of Education and Merit, Davide Rizzo of A2A, Fiammetta Salmoni of Defense Industries Agency, Giuseppe Saragò of Wartsila, and Flavio Tonelli of UNIGE.

The Observatory will operate on an international dimension through the support of major multinational entities and the involvement of renowned Italian IA specialists working abroad.

Among the first activities initiated by the Observatory, also in view of the G7 scheduled to take place in mid-2024 in Italy where the topic of Artificial Intelligence will be at the center of the agenda, is the preparation of a Position Paper that addresses useful recommendations to the government and key national and international Stakeholders on the topic of the skills needed to be able to best develop, apply and manage Generative Artificial Intelligence in all professional and everyday areas.

“In an increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced world, the birth of the Generative Artificial Intelligence Learning and Innovation Hub Observatory marks a key step toward the understanding and ethical application of artificial intelligence in Italy.


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