Digital Firm

Digital Firm

Smart Attorneys for complex cases

De Vita Law Firm’s decades-long experience in digital technologies and cybersecurity enables our professionals to be operational and connected 24/7.


We guarantee the highest international privacy standards, high-encryption end-to-end communication and collaboration systems that allow protected and encrypted audio streams and audio-video communications.


Thanks to advanced integrated communication systems and dedicated corporate networks, our professionals are able to operate in complete safety, ensuring the continuity of activities wherever they are. The use of platforms such as Teams Enterprise also helps to ensure legal assistance activities throughout the country and the European area.


Our strategic and legal advice services are also available remotely based on the specific needs of our clients, through web conferencing platforms (Skype, Hangouts, Meet, Zoom e Whereby) and high-encryption collaboration platforms (Wickr, Webex and Teams Enterprise).


De Vita Law Firm offers remote, e-learning and online learning training solutions, through the use of innovative and effective digital tools: webinar, video conferencing and live streaming with content and modalities designed according to the specific needs of users.

To book a telephone consultation, a video conference or to learn more about legal assistance, training and online learning activities, please email to: